A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In the year 2837, the mankind is struggling and the world is a wasteland ravaged by a dark entity known by the name "Mommogoth". The legend tells it was created by our ancestors during the 21st century era. Little is known how it came to be, but ancient chronicles speak of a chain of failed experiments with the dark matter.

Now, centuries later the earth is withered, and all life is ending. The judgement day is nigh.

The Mommogoth resides in a dark tower unpenetratable by anything manmade, or anything inanimate. On these dark days the people of earth finally find solidarity and true altruism, and as a last resort sacrifice their own life for the sake of others, for the sake of humankind.

Fell the tower and open up the skies, let the wrath of god rain destruction upon the unholy. The end is near...

The whole game and all the assets were made solely by myself, and the project was completed from scratch in less than 24 hours of work.

Install instructions

Download the .rar -> extract -> run the game -> choose your resolution -> gogo

Use mouse to play, use esc to return to main menu.

PS. You can use auto-fire by holding mousebutton down ;)

PPS. If your firewall warns about the game, just ignore it (on Windows Smartscreen, press "More Info -> Run Anyway"). For some reason firewalls may warn about unity builds, I even get a warning for my own game so .. :D


WIN_Periferia.rar 15 MB
MAC_Periferia.rar 17 MB


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If you enjoy the game and think it fits the theme of "Dying is good" well, then consider casting a vote for it here https://www.poll-maker.com/poll982282x52De4B5c-41

It'll take literally like 5-10 seconds, just pick "Periferia" from the list and press vote -> done.

Thanks alot :)

This game is a part of the HoN game jam, my username is IstvanYoutube. (I think adding this info somewhere was mandatory?)